Looking to make it easier for our customers, come in and receive your loan, upload our mobile pawn app to make your payments and check your status

The mobile pawn app is 100% for clients to pay their loan via the app instead of having to go into the store. The only way the customer can pay their loan is by walking in the store OR the mobile Pawn App.


The advantages of having our Mobile Pawn App:

  • View Your Pawns – View your loan details, including Interest & Fees Due, Due Date, Pawn Amount, Total Due, and Original Pawn Date. On your App, you’ll be able to preview your pawn with a photo of the item, including the number of items on the loan.
  • Loan Extensions – You can pay to extend the loan or pay toward the principal of the loan without renewing the ticket. On the App, you will have the ability to select an eligible number of extension days to add on to the loan, which will determine the Amount to pay at checkout. You can select the Checkout Now button to continue with the transaction.
  • View Your Layaways – View your layaway details, including Remaining Balance, Next Payment Due Date, Total Due, Layaway Amount, Tax, Layaway Start Date, and Due Date. On your App, you’ll be able to preview your layaway with a photo of the item, including the number of items on the layaway.
  • Layaway Payments – You can make payments toward the outstanding layaway balance due. On the App, you can adjust the Payment amount. Doing so will affect the Remaining Balance Due, shown at the bottom of the Pay for Layaway page. The Payment amount must be less than the balance due because the layaway cannot be paid off online. If you wish to pay off the layaway, you must come into the store and pay it off so you can pick up the item. You can select the Checkout Now button to continue with the transaction.
  • Payment/Order History – The preview list of payments/orders will display the Order Number, Order Date, the Pawn or Layaway affected by the order, and the Order Payment Amount. Tap on an order to view more order details, including the store that received the payment, a link to the pawn or layaway, and the barcode for the store to scan to view the payment transaction.

To make payments you must have a Paypal account.  To use click Checkout Now,  Paypal directs you to the Paypal portal where you can login or create an account.

STEPS to SETUP Mobile Pawn App

  1. To download the Mobile Pawn App, go to the appropriate app page in your device’s app store. Android devices will go to the Google Play store and iOS devices will go to the App Store.
  2. To log on to our Mobile Pawn App, you must first get an activation code sent to you via text message. To do so, please call the store, we will look up your account and send you a code.
  3. Once you receive our text including the activation code, you can go to the app and enter that code by tapping on the Log in with activation code button. You will also be required to enter your phone number and enter/confirm a passcode that you will be required to enter every time you open the App in the future. Once this is all set up and your activation is complete, you can use the App to view and make payments on loans and layaways.

Call us at Dan’s in Nicholasville, 859-885-2626, to get an activation code for our Mobile Pawn App today.

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